Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Great Voyage Pt.2


I recently went back to Wisconsin to visit my family & friends! I had my film camera in-hand most of the trip but I did manage to get a few keepers with my digital.  Hope you enjoy :)


  I started my trip with smooth sailing! Departing from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) international airport, and arriving in Milwaukee, WI.

 After a crazy drive back from the airport I was finally home :) Once I got settled-in, my grandpa (who's quite the hobbyist) took me to see a new project he's been working on! He makes most of the buildings from scratch or kit bashing, all the rocks/scenery/people are hand painted. 

 Time to kick-back a few brews, and catch up with old friends!

Finally, time to eat! :)
We decided to combine my great grandma's birthday & Easter into one very laid back lunch.  Just the way we like it!

 I can't explain how much I've missed everyone while living in Texas!
I cherish these small visits, and someday soon i'll be home for good :)

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  1. how u create so much mood is phenomonal. really like the picture where you caught the plane taking off.